The new, simple, straight-forward way to host.

Hosting should not be a headache.

HostVark offers exactly what you and your business need – best-of-breed, carefully structured and completely transparent hosting solutions.


HostVark was started because of the frustrations that come from hosting websites, domains and the need for a better solution. Our system ensures you make the right choice based on your unique needs.

HostVark chooses best of breed hosting and sensible defaults. We’ve spent years fiddling with all of the complexities of hosting so that you don’t have to. We choose the most reliable, fast, and stable solutions in the world, and we take all of the burden of configuration away from you, so you can focus on building your web business at scale.

  • Most hosts use shared hosting — We do not used “shared hosting”.
  • Each site is containerised, and so if another client gets malware, it won’t impact on your site.
  • Most hosts expose your IPs, which means your sites can be attacked.
  • We wrap your site with Cloudflare, so attackers have a much harder time getting at your site.
  • Most hosts can’t choose their region — we have multiple sites around the world as we work on AWS’s backbone.
  • Most hosts run their own servers — oh nos, server woes — we run containers so we abstract from the server layer.

Most hosts run archaic email solutions and don’t configure your domain properly — we are a reseller of Google Workspace, and in moving your existing Workspace to us or signing up with us, we setup your domain so that you have the most chance of avoiding that awkward call when your emails have ended up in the dreaded spam folder.

Why HostVark?

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One point of contact for all your web and email hosting needs.


Solutions tailored to your exact needs – no complexity.


Secure, containerised and trustworthy.

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